We spent a week in Puerto Rico. Click the buttons above to see the photographs from each destination. Following was our itinerary:

1. Fly into Luis Muñoz Marin Airport in San Juan before midnight and cab it to Wind Chimes Inn at Condado.
2. Check out in the morning and negotiate a cab to Fajardo. The trip is almost two hours.
3. At the Fajardo ferry terminal, wait for the ferry to Culebra. Nelly is on almost everyone's car radio.
4. Forty minutes later, dock at Culebra and cab it to Ocean View.
5. Visit Flamenco Beach while Luis' wife cleans our room for the next three days.
6. Eat at Mamacita's for dinner and bar hop around the island. Follow the music.
7. Day two at Culebra, visit Luis Peña.
8. Last day at Culebra, visit Culebrita.
9. Catch the last ferry to Fajardo. We waited with the rest of the island for almost four hours because of delays.
10. Arrive at Fajardo before midnight. Everyone gets in their cars but us - we don't have one. Good thing a police officer we asked knew of a taxi driver who didn't mind driving the two-hour ride.
11. We check back in at Wind Chimes.
12. Our last day in San Juan, we walk to the old city and visit the tourist attractions.
13. Get yelled at by the flight attendant because we are late for our flight. The story of our lives.