ext212 » cia's record of lifetime travels

After college, I made a conscious decision to stay in my parents' apartment to save money so I can travel. Whatever private space I didn't have, I made up with my travel experiences. Now that I have my binary options on iqoption.com India own place, I still try very hard to travel both locally and internationally. As of December 2010, thirty countries have been crossed off the list. More recent travel photos are on Flickr and stories are on Writing with My Mouth Full.


Portland, Oregon, December
Dominica, December
Portugal, October
Memphis, Tennessee, September
Raleigh, North Carolina, July
Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, June
Narragansett, Rhode Island, May
Chicago, April
Philadelphia, March
Colombia, January


Negril, Jamaica, November
New Orleans, October
Washington DC, March
Big Sur, California, March
Chicago, March
Argentina, January


Philippines, July 31-August 8
Vancouver, Canada, June
Trinidad and Tobago, March 1-8


Austin, Texas, December
Tikal, Guatemala, November
Tunisia, September
Reykjavik and Southwest, Iceland, May 6-13
Washington, DC, May 4-6
Las Vegas, Nevada, March 16-21
Portland, Oregon, March 2-4
Nicaragua, January 24-February 4


Sanibel + Captiva Islands, Florida, December 28-January 2
Los Angeles, California, October 27-30
Chicago, Illinois, October 5-8
Barcelona, Spain, September 17-19
Catalan Pyrenees, Spain, September 9-16
West Palm Beach, Florida, June 16-19
Roatan, Honduras, May 28-June 1
Prague, Czech Republic, March 24-27
Paris, France, February 17-24


Panama, December 26-January 6
Chicago, Illinois, December 2-5
Providence, Rhode Island, November 10-13
Dominican Republic, November 23-27
London, England, September 7-11
Negril, Jamaica, September 3-5
The Bay, California, July 23-28
Colorado, May 27-30
Los Angeles, California, July 1-5
Vieques, Puerto Rico, May 20-23
London, England, February 25-28


Philippines, December 18-January 3
El Salvador, November 23-26
Northern & the Republic of Ireland, September
Vancouver, Canada, September
Los Angeles, California, July
Las Vegas, Nevada, July
Kauai, Hawaii, June 23-30
Portland, Maine, May 30


Boston, Massachusetts
Montréal, Canada


Cuba, December
Belize, July
Chicago, Illinois, May
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, March
Brussels, Belgium, March


Mexico, December
Los Angeles, California, July
Philadelphia, June
Costa Rica, May


Philippines, December
Culebra, Puerto Rico, May
Madrid & Bilbao, Spain, March


Philippines, December
Tokyo, Japan, December


San Francisco, California, July 1999